State of Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Hosted By WHA

November 15th

The Washtenaw Housing Alliance is hosting a State of Homelessness event at 8:00 am at Washtenaw Community College, Morris Lawrence Building. Clients of the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County & other community members experiencing food and housing insecurities will speak at this event. 

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Abdul El-Syed (a political contributor at CNN, the author of Healing Politics: A Doctor's Journey in the Heart of our Political Epidemic and Medicare for All: A Citizen's Guide (co-authored with Micah Johnson), and the host of America Dissected with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a podcast about politics and public health produced by Crooked Media. In 2020, he served on the Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders Unity Task Force on health care).