The Shelter Association is unique in the way we respond to homelessness in Washtenaw County.  Our focus is on ending homelessness rather than stabilizing it.  Everything we do focuses on helping people move from homelessness into permanent housing as quickly as possible while addressing any ongoing needs they may have.


Our comprehensive services assist clients in ending their homelessness  and are available to any individual adult experiencing homelessness.  Each year approximately 1,700 single adults experience homelessness in Washtenaw County and nearly 1,500 of those single adults receive help through The Shelter Association. 


The Shelter Association serves the most vulnerable members of our community.  Homelessness is an issue that impacts your physical & mental health, affects those that have served our country at a disproportionate rate, those that are fleeing domestic violence, and those that are struggling with addiction.  At the Shelter Association, the percent of those that have a disability has gone from 46% to 77% in the last five years. We are also seeing more and more older adults with those 55 and over comprising over 22% of those served. Those experiencing homelessness not only have a higher rate of disability, they also die sooner than those that don’t have to live on the streets.  A study from University of Pennsylvania estimated that homeless individuals have health conditions of those that are 15-20 years older compared to same aged individuals that are not experiencing homelessness.


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