About the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County


Eight million Americans are one paycheck away from becoming homeless. In Washtenaw County, 5000 people are experiencing homelessness. The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (SAWC) was established in 1982, and is the primary provider of services and emergency shelter for around 1200 Washtenaw County individuals each year. The SAWC is housed at the Robert J. Delonis Center in downtown Ann Arbor. The SAWC works with a diverse range of people struggling with homelessness, including first-time homelessness, veterans, domestic violence survivors, and people battling substance abuse and/or mental health issues. Services are offered through our core programs: Residential, Non-Residential, Shelter Diversion, Critical-Time Intervention, and Warming Center.


The SAWC has an onsite kitchen that serves meals 364 days a year; a free medical clinic; and service center; and offers hope to those living on the street with a myriad of services designed to give people the dignity they deserve including showers, access to storage, laundry, and address to receive mail. Our programs and services address immediate and long-term client needs through case management, community referrals, and on-site basic needs with the goal of sustainable housing.


Our Residential Program offers beds to 50 individuals. Our Shelter Diversion program can assist an additional 95 individuals at a time. In the cold months, the SAWC serves an additional 500 people in our Warming Center and offers survival and warmth from the coldest winter months. Warming Center clients receive an array of support that helps them move into safe, permanent housing. 

Our Vision

The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County works with the community to allocate the necessary resources to provide housing and support based on the Housing First Model.

Our Values


Hope - Offer hope to every client we serve and walk beside them during

their journey from homelessness to housing

Open-minded - Foster an open-minded and inclusive culture that values every individual allowing us to work together to end homelessness

Motivated - We are motivated to find new services, resources, and opportunities that will enhance the quality of life of all those we serve

Engaged - Cultivate long-term, engaging partnerships with active stakeholders to promote community in all areas of civic life

Steward - Approach each donor interaction with the utmost respect, gratitude, and transparency to ensure stewardship of financial and community resources

Our Mission

Ending homelessness, one person at a time.