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ArtBreak Studio is back from a long break!

After a three month summer break, ArtBreak Studio is back in action. Yesterday, they celebrated the return by doing Art in the Park, an event where clients are welcome to come and participate in a watercolor nature experience.

The great thing about ArtBreak Studio that most people don't know is that the volunteers, ran by Becki Spangler, provide all the supplies and materials needed so that clients don't need to bring anything but themselves. In this event, they supplied acrylic paints, water, paintbrushes, paper, along with other things.

"One of the best things about ArtBreak Studio that I enjoy the most is the escape it lets me have from everything else going on around me" said one client.

Another said, "I do it for fun, there is nothing more enjoyable than creating a picture of whatever it is I'm feeling."

After everyone had finished their artwork, Becki rounded everyone up for some ice-cream supplied by Washtenaw Dairy. All the clients were so grateful to enjoy some time with their art, the great support system Becki has created, and a bowl of ice cream.

Welcome back, ArtBreak Studio!

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