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Ann Arbor Art Fair - Over $4,000 raised!

Thanks to our community, staff, and volunteers, we raised over $4,000 this past weekend!

During Art Fair both Bank of Ann Arbor and Ann Arbor State Bank allowed us to use their parking lots to collect donations for the Shelter while providing an excellent spot to those attending Art Fair.

We couldn't have done it without continued support from everyone! A gigantic thank you to both banks for giving us this opportunity and for doing so these past few years!

Also, a huge shout-out to our volunteers: Dan & Mara Kelly, Kim Matheny, Ken & Mary Lessnau, Traci Bendele, Hugh Goodman, Sarah Paspal Jasinski, Ricky Jasinski, John Li, Oxel Lichtenberg, Dawn Gemler, Alyssa Abbate, Frank & Lindsey Bateman, Alisa DeWald, Tom Filardo, Nora Zurich, John Schippers, and Samantha Adams.

Thank you for all you do - we'll see you next year!

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