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Protest With Profits and Promote Markets of Racial Equity

Since the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers in late May, thousands of people have publicly adopted platforms of anti-racism.

Social media feeds have been inundated with “calls to action”, opinions about race relations, and corporate statements denouncing police violence and systemic racism.

The world is finally opening its eyes to the complete atrocity of systemic racism, finally uniting against discrimination, and the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County wants to keep that momentum going.

Today, we are launching our “Support Markets of Racial Equity” Campaign.

Support MORE is a series of social media posts, publishing to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, that highlight local businesses in Washtenaw County with racially diverse leadership.

Small businesses promote diversity in both ownership and employment, where most entrepreneurs do not have a college degree, and 75.3 percent of private-sector employers are small businesses.

We challenge you to purchase goods from the businesses we showcase in our social media campaign. We challenge you to begin creating and supporting Markets of Racial Equity, where success in the world of business is achievable and equal for people of all races. We challenge you to stand with us as we turn our backs to the culture of racism and white supremacy, and look towards a world that is more diverse, inclusive, and equal for us all.


When you purchase from the businesses in our campaign, take a photo of your new product. Post it on social media with the #supportMORE caption so we can create an online archive of our efforts to uplift local, racially diverse entrepreneurs.

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