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We Love Ann Arbor - Shelter Associaton of Washtenaw County, Delonis Center Receive HVA Award

Eight lives were saved by the staff at the Robert J. Delonis Center this past winter that might have otherwise been lost to drug overdoses, had The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County not done their jobs so well.

This high level of care and service was recognized by Huron Valley Ambulance, which issued a number of awards to individuals and organizations at its recent yearly award dinner during National EMS week the week of May 23.

The Delonis Center, like most organizations that exist to aid this nation’s most vulnerable groups, does its best to meet the needs of those who rely on it. Despite being located in a supportive city like Ann Arbor, the level of support never measures up to the demand making what the staff at the center accomplish that much more remarkable....

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